Monday, June 05, 2006

Constitutional Amen-dment

The union of a man and woman in marriage is the most enduring and important human institution. O.K. maybe not enduring. In 2003 there were 7.5 new marriages per 1000 people and 3.8 divorces per 1000. Even my brother Neil got divorced after he had sex with women who showed up uninvited at his hotel rooms in Asia, and he had an affair and maybe fathered a child out of wedlock. Well he's the good looking one in the family.

Changing the definition of marriage would undermine the family structure, the careers of divorce lawyers, and the Dr. Phil show.

America is a free society which limits the role of government in the lives of our citizens. In this country, people are free to choose how they live their lives. That is until "The Decider" was elected president. I have spoken clearly on this issue and now you have to live by my rules. Some argue that defining marriage should be left to the states. Tough shit! And on an issue of such profound importance, that solution should come not from the courts, but from ME.

The constitutional amendment that the Senate will consider this week would fully protect marriage from being redefined. An amendment must be approved by two-thirds of the House and the Senate, and then ratified by three-fourths of the 50 state legislatures, but I will write it in myself if it is not ratified.

As this amendment goes forward, every American deserves to be treated with tolerance and respect and dignity. All people deserve to have their voices heard and a few thousand wiretaps will ensure that they are heard.

My new mantra is, "No debate, no red tape, no delay. If I like it, it's the law." And if I don't like it, it's MY Presidential right to ignore it.


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