Monday, April 24, 2006

Global Domination

This thing in Iraq isn't producing the results that I had envisioned. Full U.S. control of Iraq's oil recources. However, in the meantime the California Fuel Cell Partnership is making headway in their research to create alternative fuels that we can produce exclusively in the U.S. These alternate fuels will be low in toxic emissions, and therefore make the Kyoto Protocol unnecessary, and the new documentary "An Inconvenient Truth'', about Al Gore's campaign to get Americans to take global warming seriously will fail at the boxoffice. I will fully fund the Halliburton Corn farm and Ethanol Production Corp. and we will create large hydrogen plants in Texas and Alaska to keep American business strong. Then we'll destroy the oil refineries in Iraq and sell our Hydrogen and Ethanol to the world. I'm on a roll here!

By taking these steps, we'll maintain America's strength. And a strong America will help lead the world to a future of greater American control and prosperity.


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