Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dia de los arrestados

Next week I will be proposing a new holiday called Dia de los arrestados, We will celebrate the detention and expulsion of the nearly 6 million illegal immigrants we have caught since I took office, and the millions more to come. To celebrate we will deploy thousands more Border Patrol agents, new technology, like infrared cameras and unmanned aerial vehicles, and we're installing physical barriers to entry, like fences in urban areas. We will not be satisfied until we have sent every last one back.

As for those immigrants that are here legally, we will ensure that they assimilate into our society and learn our customs and values and be injected with nanoprobes.

Here at the White House we will create an alter in the southern-most office of the West Wing where we will offer incense, and flowers and play country music, and we will server steak and potatoes in the dining room.




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